About Us

Tulivyo is an online shop for your style, personal care, home and more

Meaning behind Tulivyo

Tulivyo is a Swahili word that can be translated to "the way we are", this explains our slogan "This is who we are. This is how we are".

What we offer

Tulivyo brings you chic fashion inspired by various cultures so that you can wear your heritage proudly and wear fashion from different cultures to represent and expand the African identity. We offer clothing for women, men, and kids as well as accessories that complement these outfits.

African Fashion by Stellar Kiwanuka
African Print Couple Love by Zediajaab
African Fashion in Uganda by Stellar Kiwanuka
Happy Kaftan Dress by Zediajaab
Join us

We're interested in promoting ethnic fashion, if you're a fashion house, a designer or a shop owner, we would like to share this platform with you so that we can reach as many people as possible together.

You can contact us by call, text or WhatsApp: 0762 344 444 or via email: contact@tulivyo.co.tz.